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Frequently Asked Questions

First, you have to add your own bank account (or accounts) details to our system, so we know where to send your funds.

After that, create a customer - the company you wish to invoice for the work you have done for them.

Thirdly, create the invoice with the easily understandable and required details that specify the work you have performed and the amounts regarding the money side of your job. This can be per hour or mileage or any other combination of two amounts. Dollars per hour or Dollars per mile and so on. Or simply, if the job is based on a lump sum of money, put 1 (amount) and 4000 (total lump sum).

An invoice needs a due date. This is the date you want your customer to pay the invoice. Most invoices have a 30 day payment term, but this depends on what you have agreed with your customer.

You can also add additional information on the invoice to clarify things for ourselves, or for your customer. Information you enter in "note to customer" will appear on the invoice. Information you enter in "note to admin" wont be shown, but will be read by our team.

When you have created the invoice, you can submit it to us, we will review (check for obvious mistakes), then we will send it to the customer. You can also download it as a PDF file once we have reviewed and sent it.

When you have sent the invoice, you can see the status of the invoice on your dashboard. You can also see the status of all your invoices on the invoices page.

When the invoice is paid, you will receive the funds in your bank account. You can see the status of the payment on your dashboard and on the invoices page.

When you press "create invoice" you are presented with a form to add a new customer or select a pre-existing one. The following information is required:

Company Name
Mailing Address
Tax Number
Email Address

You are employed by Invoicr Ltd based in London, which is both approved and registered with UK HMRC. If you choose, you can be employed by Innosolutions OY based in Finland or Nordic Staffing Ltd in Sweden. Let us know.

No, all invoices are sent with “Reverse charge”. This means that your customer will handle the VAT on their end. This is the normal procedure when it comes to international handling of VAT.

After the invoice is sent to your customer, we wait for them to pay it. Once we receive the funds, they will be sent to you the same banking day if they arrive before 14.00 (GMT). If they arrive after that, they are sent to you the next banking day. And you will receive the funds within seconds, if you use Revolut. I you use any other bank, it normally takes up to 3 banking days to arrive in your account.

Click here to open a Revolut account in minutes:

We can support any currency. Currently, these include GBP, USD, SEK, THB. If you want to invoice in a different currency, get in touch and we can make it happen!

You can work anywhere, however if you are working from the UK, Sweden, Finland, or Hong Kong, please get in touch with us so we minimise your tax liability.

You are solely responsible for your own taxes. We send you the gross funds from every invoice without holding, paying or reporting any taxes. We are of course here to help you plan your taxes legally in the best possible way. Get in touch for more information.

Yes, we send out income certificates at regular intervals which can be used to apply for a visa/residence permit to Thailand. However, be careful that these permits often now require a deposit in a Thai bank to be approved.

Your insurance will vary depending on your employment status. We recommend you arrange private insurance for yourself, but we can assist you if required. Please contact the admin team for more information.

For people living in Thailand, we recommend WR Life or MSIG for insurance coverage.

For those who are non-tax resident in Sweden: 90% of the gross value of each invoice sent, minus bank transfer fees (see below).

For those are tax resident in Sweden: 90% of the gross value of each invoice sent, minus the tax authorities employer fee of 20.7%, minus bank transfer fees. Note that this is significantly lower than the usual 31.42% for Swedish companies. You yourself must pay tax on your salary when it is paid.

Bank transfers we make to you arising from invoice payments are charged the following fees, according to the invoice currency:

USD : 10.00
GBP : 10.00
SEK : 100.00
THB : 500.00
EUR : 10.00
AUD : 10.00

When you create an account you are automatically given a referral code. You can find this on your profile page and your referral wallet. Whenever somebody signs up here using your referral code or referral link you will receive a generous portion of every invoice they send in your referral wallet. You can withdraw from this wallet whenever you choose and we will transfer it directly to you bank account.

Encouraging your friends to sign up with your referral link is a great way to generate passive income!

Our referral scheme has three tiers. The more invoices sent by people you have referred, the greater the percentage of each invoice you receive. You automatically start as a silver tier referrer. If the total gross value of invoices sent in the last 45 days by people you have referred exceeds 3000 USD (equivalent), you become a gold tier referrer. If the value exceeds 7000 USD, you become a platinum tier referrer. The percentage of each invoice you receive is as follows:

Silver Tier : 1.0%
Gold Tier : 2.0%
Platinum Tier : 3.0%


Three people have signed up using your referral link. During the last 45 days, the first person has sent invoices with a total value of 5000 USD, the second person a total of 4000 GBP, and the last person 45,000 SEK. The total value of these invoices together is approximately 13,300 USD, which means you are a platinum tier referrer. As such you will receive 3% of gross value of these invoices and will have passively earned approximately 400 USD in referral income.

If you manage to refer 30 people, then you can expect to receive a full average monthly salary passively, doubling your income!

Our goal is to provide an easy and clear way to better everyone's life when it comes to personal and monetary freedom. Our goal is also to give you a way to see your own potential and worth. We value personal responsibility. We are very good with peptalks, so feel free to get in touch for one or many of those.

We are a very small group of people. Our approach is to work hard and have a personal, honest, and transparent connection to our users. We are people on this side too, not AI or robots.

Terms of Service

1. This agreement ("Agreement") is between Invoicr Ltd ("Invoicr Ltd") and the freelancer ("Freelancer"). This Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the engagement of the Freelancer by Invoicr Ltd to provide services to the customer ("Customer").

1.1 If you are personally tax resident in the UK, we will redirect you to either Nordic Staffing Ltd in Sweden or Innosolutions OY in Finland.

2. Services: The Freelancer shall provide the services outlined in a separate agreement between the Freelancer and the Customer. Nordic Staffing Ltd shall invoice the Customer for the services provided by the Freelancer on a per project, hourly or daily basis, as agreed upon by the Freelancer and the Customer.

3. Relationship of Parties: The Freelancer is not a direct employee of Invoicr Ltd and nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to create a traditional employment relationship. The Freelancer shall be an independent contractor, will receive the full amount of any connected invoices after Invoicr Ltd deducts their fees and Freelancer shall be solely responsible for paying all taxes and other contributions due in connection with the services provided under this Agreement. The Freelancer and the Customer shall agree on the invoiced amount per project, hourly or daily as per their agreement.

4. Invoicr Ltd shall invoice the Customer for the services provided by the Freelancer, as agreed upon by the Freelancer and the Customer. Invoicr Ltd shall pay the Freelancer within 2 banking days of receiving payment from the Customer.

5. Termination: Either party may terminate this Agreement with 7 days' notice.

6. Supervision: The Freelancer shall work under their own supervision and shall not be supervised by Invoicr Ltd. The Customer shall not supervise the Freelancer in any other way than a contractor/customer relationship.

7. Confidentiality: The Freelancer shall not disclose any confidential information of Invoicr Ltd or the Customer to any third party.

8. Governing Law: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the involved countries of corporation.

9. Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes all prior agreements and understandings, whether oral or written.

10. Notices: All notices under this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have been given if delivered personally or sent by registered mail or email.

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